Tell me about your favorite performance in your career.

My favorite performance of my career has to be at Canada 150 in 2017. Reason being because of how it all came about. I was called to host Canada Day in Vancouver, (I’m from Toronto) celebrating our country’s 150th birthday.

I was not doing music for a couple of years at that point and I asked if I could also perform. Just to give you a snapshot there were over 100,000 people crammed into one street with a stage at both ends! It was Canada Day! It was pandemonium! Anyways, I was the host for one of the stages and had initially planned to do a 30-minute set with backing tracks…and as I saw the people I was getting nervous but my name was on the bill so let’s go! Long story short I introduced this local band to play and they were amazing! While they were playing, I said to myself I need a band!

There was only one band after them before I was to hit the stage. While I was pacing backstage I met  DJ Oshow  and asked if she could mix my songs when I perform. Then, after the band I liked finished and I introduced the next band – which was the last one before I was due to hit the stage – I ran over to the lead singer of the band I liked and said, “Can you back me for my slot to perform?” He said “when is it?”, I said “I’m up next! I have 30 minutes!”. He had a quick convo with the band and they said yes!! I emailed the songs and everyone was on headphones or listening on their cells right up until there we were to hit the stage! Miraculously with the DJ I just met and the band I just met we pulled it off without a hitch….it was crazy and just so meant to be! This reminded me why I love music so much and it was such an amazing time! Oh Canada!!! 

What was it like filming the “I’m Good” music video? What is the song about?

I had been itching to get back into music as my career shifted into becoming a mainstay as the host for FIFA and major sporting events around the world, which is amazing but the whole time I always felt like something was still missing. However, during the pandemic two amazing things happened for me. I got sober and I started writing music with a different focus. The song “I am Good” was really an affirmation to myself after three to four months of being sober; I had bouts of depression and anxiety and was diagnosed with mental health issues and I finally got the help that was needed. 

I was feeling myself again! Lol I was in a good place. Hence the name of the song “Im good”