Tell us a bit about your most recent release [I’m Good].

Well, what can I say? First of all, this is an alternative/ rock song that is normally not in my lane. I wrote this more as an affirmation for me during the pandemic. It’s called “I’m Good,” and you can find it on all streaming platforms

I have had some moderate success in the US, with 43 placements on music video channels or video streaming platforms. Places like Manhattan, Philadelphia, Nashville, and LA, to name a few, and LATV airs in 192 countries, so I am happy with the success of my first single for sure being an independent artist. Coupled with some great interviews from credible magazines and Youtube curated playlist ads, I can safely say my first kick at the can has created some momentum.

The deeper side of this song is why I wrote the affirmation. I was in lockdown, barely three months sober, just coming out of my addiction to alcohol and drugs, and was worrying about potentially relapsing, and the words started to come to the song. “I’m from a place where Awesome always be, I from a place where you can truly feel free,” reminding me of where I was before addiction kicked in, so this song means a lot to me.

Where do you tend to pull inspiration from when writing?

Great question. I have lived many lives and been attached at some point or another to almost every walk of life. The one thing about that is how uniformed the human side of us is. That being said, I have a vault of life experiences that I tend to draw from, first and secondly, the experiences of others I know. I’m creative at heart, so how I present my message can come from various genres, as I just genuinely love various types of music. I am an emotional person for the most part internally, and my writing will draw from great and bad experiences really just mirroring how I have felt throughout my life’s path this far. I know how to enjoy myself but have also tasted despair like so many others. But I’m loving the frequency I’m on now!

Do you have any upcoming shows or festivals you’d like to tell us about?

This is what I am looking forward to as the other side of Najjah is me being an award-winning international sports host. Mainly with FIFA, I make a living engaging with stadiums filled with fans worldwide. However, I am just getting going with music, so I am now at that stage to pitch myself to booking agencies and seek proper management, etc. It’s always good to have a bit of a track record before doing so. That being said, I have a massive gig in November where I’m hosting and now performing at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar !! Which is crazy!!

I do have a show on August 5th at Friday Harbour Festival in Bolton, and I’m going to need to get in numerous shows before November, so if anyone out there is looking for a host and performer, you can reach me at just saying 🙂

What’s your goal for 2022?

Well, I am hosting and performing at the biggest sporting event on the planet, the FIFA World Cup in November!! YES!! I still can’t believe it! Which is literally a launch pad for me to quantum leap into the entertainment space as a global brand and public figure, so I’m using this runway to November to get my reps in as a performer and release 3 to 4 more music videos with proper campaigns with a video promo company and publicist.

Now when I do this right, I almost said “If” lol…. gotta stay positive, and words are powerful, so my life will change forever. That’s how I feel about my unique opportunity to routinely be in front of 50,000 plus fans over the month for the tournament.

I plan to get sponsorship for me as the official host for the World Cup to fund my Podcasts and more music and distribution from a major label with marketing for my music. Keyword with a marketing budget because their reach is obviously extensive!

I just shot a video for my second single, an Edm/Dance/Soca song called “Celebrate,” this past weekend with a 360-degree camera that looks amazing! It’s a fun party song about celebrating life, and then I’m releasing my third single with a little more substance called “Friends,” which still has a feel-good vibe to it even though the song is about the frustrations, but the understanding of why my cousin has distanced himself from our family. Then I’m going to release a full EP in October.

I also just came from Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France as well where I performed and got a chance to do some incredible networking. I had no idea of this festival’s magnitude and scope for creatives. So I’m just building my case before I approach the contacts that I made because they also have life-changing capabilities! I know that’s a lot to unpack, but you asked!

Lastly, thank you so much for the chance to get interviewed. As an independent artist, these opportunities are not taken lightly. Light and love always!