About the Video

“I’m Good” is a brilliant demonstration of everything Najjah Calibur does well. He took a break from music to become an award-winning, international host for FIFA – and he’ll be performing this winning hit at the upcoming World Cup in front of up to 60,000 fans. He sings, raps, rides the rhythm and sells a memorable hook, and exudes charisma with every verse and every chorus. He’s a massive presence on the microphone, and his enthusiasm and optimism are inspiring.

On “I’m Good,” Calibur matches his voice to an irresistible track that ought to appeal equally to fans of pop-inflected rap, rowdy dance music, and rambunctious funk. In other words, it sounds and feels like Toronto: Toronto on a beautiful summer day, with crowded streets, productive collisions between subcultures, and a feeling of artistic liberation in the air.

And if by chance, you didn’t get that from the song, the video ought to make it perfectly clear. Najjah Calibur and director Dan Barker lead us all over Toronto: we’re shown the red-brick streets of the pedestrian zone by the Distillery, the proudly multicultural Spadina Avenue strip and unique Kensington Market, and the bustling, brightly-lit Downtown. Most of all, we’re shown ordinary Toronto residents, assuring us that, like Najjar Calibur, they, too, are feeling good. You’ll believe it.