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Its time to “Celebrate” in Najjah Calibur’s new single

“Celebrate” out now!

There’s no shortage of positive vibrations in Calibur's his life: hosting the World Cup in Qatar, engaged to his lovely fiancé, caring for his sweet baby girl.

The upbeat EDM track and uplifting lyrics materialize the joy of celebrating these events – and then some. Calibur’s excitement and zest for life will inspire listeners to sing and dance along. With such a short dance in the sun, we need to remember to celebrate every day and not take anything for granted, and “Celebrate” captures that advice to its maximum. It is no wonder Najjah is an international, award-winning host, which carries over into his artistry as he thrives on entertaining a crowd.

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Najjah Reviews

Farley Flex
Marianne Rodri
Chrispen 'Spreez'
Farley Flex

Working with Mr. Zoom Zoom Zoom himself, Najjah Calibur, is like catching lightning in a bottle, literally! Najjah is electric as a host and electrifies the crowd.

Farley Flex

Music Manager

Marianne Rodri

We hired Najjah to host our charity event and he was such a pleasure to work with. He was professional, memorized his lines and really understood the assignment!

Marianne Rodri

Rodri Entertainment

Chrispen 'Spreez'

I’ve worked with Najjah on numerous projects and the first thing I’d comment on is his seemingly endless energy and positivity. He is such a rare individual. I approve!

Chrispen 'Spreez'

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